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PrideRadar shows strength of Pride movement in Europe


radar-europeEPOA has welcomed publication of the 2016/7 PrideRadar report from InterPride’s Human Rights Committee.

PrideRadar surveys LGBT+ Pride organisations from around the world, bringing the data together to provide a fascinating and compelling analysis of the state of the Pride movement worldwide.

The report found a total of 339 Pride organisations in Europe, with the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden having the most. This represents one Pride event for every 2.2 million inhabitants. There were 148 Prides in northern Europe, 110 in western Europe, 12 in eastern Europe, and 67 in southern Europe.

There are many challenges facing Pride organisers in Europe. Pride events have been met with restrictions, violence and political opposition in the Baltic, the Balkans, Turkey, the Ukraine and elsewhere, and in France Pride events have been forced into financial difficulty as a result of terrorist attacks forcing their postponement.

EPOA will be doubling its effort to encourage more European Prides to join the Association, and the Board will be exploring options for how it can support Pride organisers in hostile nations, beginning with the Board’s first meeting of 2017 which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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