Thessaloniki selected to host EuroPride 2020

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in case of winning-01The Greek city of Thessaloniki will host EuroPride in 2020, following voting by members of the European Pride Organisers Association at their annual meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Saturday 23rd September 2017.

Thessaloniki Pride won a clear majority of votes in the second round of voting. Bergen Pride (Norway), The Belgian Pride (Brussels), and Hamburg Pride (Germany) were also standing. Click here to see all four bids.

Kristine Garina, President of the European Pride Organisers Association, said:

“To have four incredible bids as we did this year shows the importance of the Pride movement. And EuroPride in Thessaloniki will have a special resonance as it will be the first time in that region, and provide a focal point for LGBTI Pride activists across south east Europe. I congratulate Thessaloniki Pride on gathering such amazing support.”

“I also wish to thank the teams from Bergen, Brussels and Hamburg for putting together excellent bids. All could have easily hosted EuroPride, but there can be only one winner. They should all be very proud of what they created.”

Thanos Vlachogiannis of Thessaloniki Pride said:

“We would like to thank the members of the European Pride Organisers Association for granting Thessaloniki the honour and responsibility to host the 2020 EuroPride. It is a major opportunity for the LGBTI movement in Europe to show its solidarity and fight for equality and inclusion where the everyday battle for visibility and well being of LGBTI community takes place. This cornerstone decision reflects our determination to welcome EuroPride in south east Europe for the first time and deliver the message to our society and Europe that we can make breakthroughs despite the harsh conditions. Organising a safe, political EuroPride that is still full of vibe and excitement is a challenge and a promise of ours to Europe and the world.”

Ingrid Linde Bakken of Bergen Pride said:

“We want to thank all the members of EPOA and everyone else who gave their support to our bid. We think it is amazing that four cities applied for the license of EuroPride 2020, and wish Thessaloniki Pride the best of luck with the event in 2020.”

Frank Schoenmakers of The Belgian Pride said:

“We are disappointed that EuroPride 2020 isn’t coming to Brussels, but we’re far from discouraged. Creating the bid and the campaign, was already an enriching experience, that brought a multitude of partners around the table for a close collaboration. It stirred up creativity and brought us into contact with a lot of other prides, leading to a lot of actions that we will integrate in the next Belgian Pride events.”

“Our ambition to organise a large, international pride event remains in place, and the experience we gained will help us in our next campaign. EuroPride has never taken place in the European capital, and we’re confident that we’ll host it one year or another. The unique situation of the Belgian Pride, being situated in the political heart of Europe, makes that we’ll grow more and more towards a permanently European pride, especially in 2019 when the European elections will take place.”

Stefan Mielchen of Hamburg Pride said:

“Hamburg sends their congratulations to Thessaloniki Pride. It is inspiring to see how four European partners were competing to host this major European LGBTI rights event. We wish our winning friends good luck in the upcoming preparation! Also, we are happy about the opportunity to present the bid for Hamburg. Even though we didn’t take the EuroPride home, we are confident about having prepared an ambitious, fruitful and inclusive pride project. We esteem the loving support we received from the Hamburg community as well as the Hamburg Parliament that granted their unanimous support to our project. Special thanks also to Hamburg Marketing for accompanying us with all their expertise in this matter. This bid wasn’t possible without the backing support of numerous enterprises, institutions and community partners in our city. Now, we are looking forward to keeping up the fight for the rights and respect for sexual minorities on a local, regional, national and international level. No matter if in Hamburg, Bergen, Brussels or Thessaloniki – contact and dialogue are crucial for a world of diversity, freedom and solidarity.”

In 2018 EuroPride takes place in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, and in 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

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