Five Prides announce bids for EuroPride 2022

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  • Kuba says:

    I support Belgrad. Pride it’s not only a huge party, prides helped western communities to achieve what they have now – general social and institutional acceptance, marriage equality, support in making families. Now it’s time to support our “sisters” in countries which are still much behind. Let the European pride to be a fight again, not only celebration.

  • John H says:

    I support WinterPride Maspalomas. This small island is surely the centre of LGBTI+ life. The Progay team respect all at every event and plough money back into the next years event to make it bigger and better.

    The Pride Walk is not a just a parade it’s about making a statement of who we are and we will continue to fight for those who can not be who they really are.
    Good Luck Maspalomas

  • duff bennett says:

    My Support is for Belgrade. Currently traveling through the Balkan, we need to be OUT, LOUD and PROUD. Staying in the closet isn’t helping. Being an activists for 35 years, visibility is the key to acceptance and we an be our own worst enemy by staying in the closet. This is something that works:

    Guerrilla Gay Bar has and continues to be a successful way for our community to unite in a social setting. Using social media (Grindr/Tinder) as a way to attract the LGBT community to physical events. Guerrilla Gay Bar co-producer Ariel Servadio explains, “We wanted to be in the visible, public space, the goal isn’t to have a private party for gay people. The goal is to be in front of everyone in this restaurant, interacting with the general public, and letting the community of see how many gay people are here.”
    Guerrilla Gay Bar is a meet-up group that converges at a monthly pop-up event connecting the LGBTQ community for social networking and visibility. The chosen venue may be a dance club, bar, cafe or restaurant and remains a secret — even to the venue — until noon that day. At noon all are notified of the time and location of the event. (it’s fun to see)
    LGBTQ folks began arriving at the location of the Guerrilla Gay Bar at the designated time and continue throughout the evening, eventually becoming the majority of clientele, socializing, networking and spending money supporting your local businesses. The positive economic impact to the selected business as well as the visibility of our community becomes common place and acceptance is all but inevitable.

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