Scholarship Fund

The EPOA AGM provides an opportunity for its members to meet and network, to share experiences and best practices, and to be strengthened in their Pride engagement. EOPA aims at having diversity in representation at the AGM. However, EPOA recognises that not all members have equal financial opportunity to attend the AGM.

In 2010, the AGM in Rome decided that EPOA should have a Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to provide support to members that would otherwise be unable to attend the EPOA AGM for financial reasons.

Minimum requirements to be able to apply for funds

  1. The applicant organisation must have been member of EPOA in good standing for the last 3 years preceeding the year in which the request is made.
  2. Scholarships will only be granted for participation at the EPOA Annual General Meeting.
  3. Scholarship will only cover part of the costs so applicant must be willing to contribute financially.
  4. Only member organisations (not individuals) can apply for scholarships.
  5. You cannot apply for a scholarship if your organisation has submitted a bid for or holds an actual license to host EuroPride.

How to apply for EPOA Scholarship Fund

To apply for a scholarship to attend the AGM, the member organisation must submit a written application to the EPOA Board, latest one month prior to the AGM. Please send your application to board at

The written application must include the following information:

  • The reason for applying for the scholarship.
  • Information about the member organisation’s latest pride event, including participation, programme and support from the municipality, region or government.
  • An overview of the total estimated costs for participation in the AGM, including registration fee, travel expenses and lodging costs.
  • Confirmation of ability to contribute financially to cover rest of the costs if a scholarship is granted.

If a scholarship is granted the participant must submit a written report to the Board on their participation and experience. The report must be submitted no later than two (2) weeks after the AGM. The board of EPOA will evaluate the scholarship’s report within 7 days of receipt and payment will be processed within 7 days after this evaluation.

The Board maintains the right to cancel the granted scholarship in case of the following events:

  • The final report was not sent in or passed the deadline
  • The behaviour of the participant having received the scholarship, during the event, was considered unprofessional, harmful and negative to the organisation, its name, its board members or its members
  • The initial information provided with the application was falsified or misleading
  • The participant is no longer supported by a member organisation. In addition to the application the applicant must send in the organisations financial statements for the last two years prior to the application.