EuroPride bids show Pride is far more than just a party

With fewer than eight weeks until the host of EuroPride 2022 is announced, several Pride organisations across Europe have today published ambitious bids to host the event.

Europe’s most important LGBTI Pride event, EuroPride has been awarded to cities across Europe since 1992. This year’s EuroPride took place in Vienna last month, and recent hosts include Gothenburg and Stockholm (2018), Amsterdam (2016), and Riga (2015).

For the thirtieth anniversary year, the competition is between Barcelona Pride (Spain), Belgrade Pride (Serbia), Dublin Pride (Ireland), ILGA Portugal rede ex aequo and Variações (Portugal), and Winter Pride Maspalomas (Spain). It’s the first time in EuroPride’s history that five bids have reached this final stage.

Barcelona Pride said of their bid: “These are not good times for the LGBTQ+ community and Europe cannot afford to take a step back. In 2022, Barcelona wants to be the voice of all Europe saying clearly that we will not take a step back!”

Belgrade Pride said of their bid: “Hosting EuroPride 2022 in Belgrade would be a pivotal breakthrough for LGBTI+ rights and acceptance across the Western Balkans. At this historic moment, the time has come for our community across Europe to join us hand-in-hand towards a brighter tomorrow.”

Dublin Pride said of their bid: “In 2022 Dublin celebrates 100 years of Irish independence and our 100 year journey to equality. What better way to celebrate ourselves, than with friends. Europe and Pride shaped our nation, by hosting EuroPride 2022, we say thank you.”

ILGA Portugal and Variações said of their bid: “While Portugal ranks high among European countries for LGBTI rights, it sits near the bottom for LGBTI social acceptance. So, while Portugal exemplifies EuroPride’s success, it reminds us that legal victories must not remain confined to paper.”

Winter Pride Maspalomas said of their bid: “Maspalomas at the tolerant, diverse and harmonious island of Gran Canaria is one of Europe´s favourite LGBTI destinations and is ready to host in 2022 the most international EuroPride held in history.”

Kristine Garina, President of the European Pride Organisers Association, said:

“EuroPride is the most important event in our region’s LGBTI calendar, and our opportunity to stand up to increasing prejudice and hatred. Attacks in recent weeks on Prides and participants in Poland, Georgia, North Macedonia and the UK show us starkly that across Europe, LGBTI people face discrimination, abuse and violence, and Prides face threats from the far right, nationalists, and even from some politicians.

Kristine Garina

“I am thrilled that we have such strong competition for EuroPride 2022, when we’ll mark the 30th anniversary of EuroPride and 50 years of the first Prides in Europe. The bids show that Pride is far more than just a party, and our members will be looking to the bidding organisations for a strong focus on human rights activism, a varied and interesting range of cultural and social events, and a respect for equality and diversity to ensure everyone is welcome and included at EuroPride 2022.”

The bids are published today and circulated to members of the European Pride Organisers Association, which licenses EuroPride. Their members will vote at the Association’s annual conference in Bilbao in September.

Voting will take place on Saturday 21st September and the result is expected in the late afternoon.

Update: Winter Pride Maspalomas withdrew their bid from the process on 16th August 2019, so now only the four remaining bids will go forward to the AGM.

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