Belgrade, 09.00hrs Friday 16 September 2022

Last night, independent media in Serbia reported that the Serbian government had confirmed to the European Commission that the EuroPride march taking place tomorrow (Saturday) will be allowed to go ahead.

This followed the ‘cancellation’ of the march by President Vucic – something that was outside his power to do – and then a formal ban by the police, advised on Tuesday. The ban was appealed to the administrative court by Belgrade Pride.

Speaking after a delegation from Belgrade Pride, All Out, the European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA) and InterPride handed in a petition with more than 27,000 signatures demanding the EuroPride march be protected, EPOA’s President Kristine Garina said:

“This petition stands for the basic decency and respect for human rights that should be protected by every self-respecting country.”

“Walk around Belgrade today and you can see happy, loving, peaceful LGBTI+ people who have come here to show support and solidarity. They bring no harm to Belgrade, to Serbia, or to the Western Balkans. They embody the progressive European future to which Serbia aspires.”

“The EuroPride March must go ahead tomorrow, with the promised full endorsement of the Prime Minister. We never give in to bullies. We stand tall, we walk proud.”

Belgrade Pride have announced a new, shorter route. Participants will gather at 17.00hrs at the Constitutional Court, adjacent to the National Assembly of Serbia, and walk to the Tasmajdan Stadium where a concert and the formal Closing Ceremony of EuroPride will take place.