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In that same year of 2005 he becomes one of the main supporters of AEGAL to join EPOA, and Madrid´s bid to EuroPride 2007 as well. In 2007 he was promoted as the General Coordinator of Madrid EuroPride, and this same year he joins the board as Coordinator EPOA EuroPride, position he occupied until 2013.

In 2014, he was elected as Conference Coordinator and becomes part again of the EPOA Board. In 2008 he promotes the membership of AEGAL to ILGTA, and starts to be in charge of MADO and Chueca´s promotional campaigns in ILGTA´s conventions, and also within some of the most important Tourism & Travel fairs held around the world.

He encourages and endorses the agreements and conventions signed with the Comunidad de Madrid regarding the program “Madrid Tourism”, as well as settlements with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Tourespaña, Promoción Madrid, Madrid Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Since October 2011 he is a member of InterPride’s Board as Regional Director 14, including Mediterranean Europe and much of Latin America countries. In 2009 he began working and he is the main backer of Madrid’s bid to WorldPride 2017.

In 2012 he was appointed chair of WorldPride Madrid 2017. As MADO´s General Coordinator he is the middleman between the organisation and the institutions. In conjunction with his work with AEGAL and MADO, he is responsible for MADO and AEGAL’s charity projects and campaigns against HIV, as well as the “HELP” project that has been upheld since 1998.

Since 2006 he is the director of MUESTRA-T, the MADO Cultural Festival, organised by the cultural association NOHAYQUORUM, presided by him wich performs many educational, cultural and charity ventures throughout the year, with particular emphasis on the LGBT rights subject and other concerning matters for the collective. From 2011 the Spanish press has pointed him out as one of the 50 most influential LGBT people in the Spanish state.