Bids from two European cities, both competing to host Europe’s most significant LGBTI+ event in 2025, have been published today (Friday 12 August 2022).

EuroPride – which has taken place in a different European city each year for the last 30 years – draws cultural, human rights, media and tourism benefits to the host city. The event is licensed by the European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA).

CSD Magdeburg, the Pride organisation in Magdeburg, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany are facing a bid to host EuroPride in Lisbon, Portugal, with four partner organisations ILGA Portugal, Variações, rede ex aequo and AMPLOS. A decision on the winning bid will be made at the EPOA annual conference in October.

Next month, the thirtieth anniversary EuroPride will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, an event organisers describe as ‘the most politically important EuroPride there has ever been’. It is the first time EuroPride has taken place in south-eastern Europe and the first time outside the European Economic Area.

President of the European Pride Organisers Association, Kristine Garina, welcomed the bids saying:

“Part of the success of EuroPride is in the diversity that it presents to locals and visitors alike. LGBTI+ people have much in common, regardless of where they live, and face the same struggles and issues. It’s certainly true that Lisbon and Magdeburg are very different cities and their bids reflect their uniqueness. It will be a tough choice for our members, who will be looking for the potential for EuroPride to leave a lasting legacy, while at the same time providing an opportunity for activism and celebration in the moment.”

Marta Ramos, Co-President of the EuroPride 2025 Lisbon candidacy, said:

“EuroPride 2025 in Lisboa intends to acknowledge and address shortcomings and barriers that are holding us back as a movement. Our bid focuses on safe spaces, on being proud of our diverse personal characteristics so that we, as a movement, can better integrate, tackle anti-gender actors and grow sustainably.

EuroPride 2025 Lisboa is a collective effort of four LGBTI+ organisations that work regularly at the national level and that complete each other’s intervention. We are strongly committed to empower our community, especially youth and families; to provide specialised support services; to enable and foster LGBTI+owned businesses; and, to advocate for better national and European Human Rights policies.

We are bringing a cohesive, enabling and thoughtful programme of cultural and community-building activities that can shape our future work. We look forward to welcoming visitors to Lisboa. Come and be proudly yourselves!”

Download the Lisbon bid here.

Leoni Herzog, EuroPride Networking Representative for CSD Magdeburg, said:

EuroPride is needed in Magdeburg because although we have a community it is not supported, protected and doesn’t have enough resources to help everyone in our environment, although we are needed and want to help.

Magdeburg itself and the surrounding cities will be affected because politicians, media, and the whole population will have to look at us. And we will get the support we need to help our area, spread throughout Germany and Europe and hopefully fill everything with more knowledge, hope and rainbow colours on our way.

Our Pride and our bid in general are unique because we were told we aren’t needed. The first reaction is often wonder, sometimes even a belittling smile when we say we are running for EuroPride 2025. “Such a small city?” “Good luck, you will need it!” “Don’t get greedy, you already have marriage and adoption.

With this mindset we will stagnate and never reach for higher goals if we hide behind our current accomplishments. We will continue to only be tolerated, not accepted. Many countries are far behind Germany’s and Magdeburg’s standards regarding LGBTIQ* rights, but that doesn’t mean we should settle. That’s why will try to bring EuroPride to Magdeburg!”

Download the Magdeburg bid here.

Germany has hosted EuroPride three times before whilst Portugal has never hosted. The bids will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the European Pride Organisers Association, taking place in Turin, Italy from 6-9 October 2022. Votes will be cast by Pride organisations that are members of the Association. The result is expected to be announced in the late afternoon on Saturday 8 October.


Download the EuroPride 2025 bids

  Image: Vienna EuroPride 2019 (Credit: Vienna Pride)