Brussels – 7 August 2020

Three Pride organisations have reached the final stages of bidding to host the 2023 edition of EuroPride, the continent’s most significant LGBTI+ event which each year attracts visitors from across Europe and farther afield for several days of human rights and cultural activities, a EuroPride parade and social events.

The European Pride Organisers Association – which licences EuroPride – has today published the bids from Belfast Pride (Northern Ireland, UK), Malta Pride (Malta) and Rotterdam Pride (Netherlands).

                                     The logos of Belfast Pride, Malta Pride and Rotterdam Pride

President of the European Pride Organisers Association, Kristine Garina, said:

“EuroPride is a unique opportunity for a city, region and country to really climb an international pedestal and use that platform to highlight issues around LGBTI+ equality and human rights to the whole of Europe.

In the bids for 2023 we have three very different cities with diverse and unique histories and challenges. All three bidding Pride organisations are strong, professional organisations and they have put enormous effort into the bids. EuroPride 2023 is going to be hard won, but we wish all candidates the very best of luck.”

Members of the European Pride Organisers Association will consider the bids and vote at the Annual General Meeting taking place in October. Each member Pride organisation has one vote.

Chair of Belfast Pride, Seán Ó’Néill, said:

“We are proud of Belfast Pride, a confident Pride festival grounded in community and focused on Equality while delivering an ambitious programme that brings the city alive, mixing protest and celebration bringing affirmation and visibility for LGBTI+ people.

We are proud of our city – Belfast is a welcoming and optimistic city with a rich, unfinished history and an open invitation to visitors join the conversation and enjoy our famous hospitality.

We want EuroPride 2023 to be about change – conflict to peace, rights denied to rights won with a focus on those still marginalised while celebrating our lives and identities.”

EuroPride bid Chair and Coordinator of Allied Rainbow Communities, Malta, Clayton Mercieca, said:

“The Maltese LGBTI+ community is a proud part of a European LGBTI+ movement, but also finds itself at the heart of the Middle East and North African regions where equality is still a far cry. With Malta ranking top of the ILGA Europe Rainbow Index for five years in a row, it is our duty to work constantly in achieving full equality from the heart in Malta as well as in neighbouring communities where LGBTI+ phobia and lack of human rights are still rife.

Our target for EuroPride Valletta 2023 is to offer the European, Middle East and North African LGBTI+ community a safe port of call whilst providing them a stage where LGBTI+ human rights issues can be addressed and discussed. We want to contribute to more diversity and equality in Europe and surrounding regions and help to find ways to have a high level of human rights for all LGBTI+ people.

Executive Director of Rotterdam Pride, Bey Cil, said:

“Hosting EuroPride 2023 in Rotterdam would mean a big step towards a society where everybody feels at home. It is our ambition to build a society that fully includes the LGBTI+ community – regardless of how we look, who we are and who we love. We are 100% committed in organizing an awesome, memorable and impactful EuroPride in 2023. With our bid, we dare to show the true colours of our beautiful city: we Dare To Rotterdam!

The result is expected on the afternoon of Sunday 4 October 2020.

The first EuroPride took place in London in 1992 and has been held every year since except 1995 and 2020.

EuroPride 2020 was due to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, but was cancelled due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. Next year Copenhagen hosts WorldPride, and EuroPride 2022 will be in Belgrade, Serbia.

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